Be free to relax

Dana DeHart
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Instructor
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Sometimes, when we have an injury or area of chronic pain, we develop tension in our bodies. Massage therapy can help to release these areas of tension.  

Being able to heal and relax with regular massage therapy can greatly improve your life.  Imagine having increased energy, decreased stress and better mental and physical health.  

Increased circulation and range of motion can even improve your physical performance.

You could just be free to relax and enjoy your life.

If you would like to learn more about the scientific research on the effects of massage therapy, check out this collection by the American Massage Therapy Association.


What to Expect


All of the massages I perform are unique, but there are some constants...


  • You are in control of your massage. Want more or less heat? louder music? deeper pressure? Just tell me. I promise you will not hurt my feelings. In fact, it will make me happy to be sure I am providing you with exactly what you need.

  • If you are sick or need to miss your appointment, please call me within 12 hours of start time (See cancellation policy when booking).

  • Massages increase your circulation, so it is important to hydrate before and after your session. Ask your doctor how much water is right for you (generally, 8oz per 25lbs is a good estimate).

  • You can get undressed down to your level of comfort.  You can take it all off or you can leave some things on. Either way, you will be under the sheet and blanket and I will -always- protect your modesty.

My Teaching Style

When you come to my class, I will be so excited to meet you.


This style of yoga is -very- active and purposeful. It is quite different from many of the faster-paced styles being taught in the area. We go slowly and hold postures for 3-5 breaths each. You might find you like it.  

I give lots of instruction and make lots of corrections for your safety and enrichment.


I will do my very best to keep you safe and share the lovely practice of yoga in a way that honors you and my teachers.

What to Expect

  • 60 - 75 minutes of yoga (depending on how much we cut up and laugh).
  • Welcoming people and an environment that is well equipped and clean.
  • Class is open to all experience levels. Variations, that range in difficulty, will be demonstrated and taught.
  • If you have your own mat, bring it. If not, we have mats we are happy to lend.
  • Payments are taken by the teacher, at the front door, before or after class.
  • Stretch and Strengthen your body and mind.
  • Grow your body awareness, control and energy level.
  • Freedom to relax.

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