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Dr. Maria Glinski
Certified Pilates Instructor
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Intelligent Movement - Profound Results


Hello, I am the owner of Aiken Pilates Studio and the Director of Development for the Houndslake Wellness Associates. Welcome to my page! I have been blessed with a long and successful career as a rehabilitation veterinarian and also as a veterinary and human acupuncturist.  After going through extensive hand and wrist surgery, I retired as a veterinarian and acupuncturist in May, 2015.


I became a Pilates enthusiast through my passion for classical dressage. I discovered a direct transfer of strength from my private Pilates sessions to my riding -- I could feel a definite difference in my equitation -- my balance and stability in the saddle improved dramatically. I decided to become a Pilates instructor so that I could share this knowledge with other riders.   I am fortunate to have worked and studied with several Pilates luminaries -- some who were trained directly by the original students of Joseph Pilates. I completed my Pilates teacher training through PHI in Pittsburgh. I've taken advanced teacher training through Polestar and BASI as well. I am an active member of the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and attend the annual conferences to keep me up to date on all the latest research.


When I initially opened my Pilates business, my main interest was working with dressage riders and helping them develop strength and balance in the saddle. I traveled to homes and dressage stables -- working with riders on-the-mat and in-the-saddle. I quickly realized that to truly progress and make a more powerful difference in core strength, using Pilates apparatus was an essential key. I decided to build a state-of-the-art Pilates studio for the Aiken community -- complete with the highest quality Pilates equipment. As I started to work with more riders, as well as non-riders, I realized that the magic of Pilates was not for riders alone.  I have had the opportunity to work with clients of all ages and all backgrounds -- with athletes as well as non-athletes -- from teenage ballerinas to men and women in their eighties.


Through my teaching, I actually discovered a new  passion -- enhancing the quality of life for "50 plus" men and women -- those of us in our "golden" years  -- improving  strength, posture, balance and flexibility. Pilates is a powerful form of movement therapy that can literally transform your life as you strengthen your core and transform your body. I know -- it has transformed me -- inside and out. Not only has my riding dramatically improved -- but so much more. I have lost weight -- my joints don't ache any more -- my energy has increased -- my flexibility and balance have improved -- my confidence and self-esteem have been enhanced. I feel like a new woman! And I love sharing this unique and powerful system of exercise with others who are tired of feeling tired and stiff and weak. Truly, Pilates is a God-send for everyone's body.


Jill Nangeroni -- Endurance Rider and Fox Hunter

"I started Pilates to strengthen my core. I discovered that Pilates also helps improve arm and leg strength, balance and posture. All of this is related, so improvement in one area helps other physical abilities. The wide variety of Pilates apparatus in the studio as well as Dr. Glinski's individualized instruction allows a customization of the program to accommodate any personal physical restrictions and keeps the sessions challenging and fun! The older I am, the more help I need and Pilates definitely has assisted me to remain active."  

Bonnie Bragdon, DVM -- Veterinarian and Event Rider

"My family jokes it takes a village to keep me healthy and well."


"Maria is an integral part of my health and well-being team.  When I started with Maria, I was crooked.  Literally, one shoulder was higher than the other from years of heavy shoulder bags, poor posture, high heels and too many hours traveling.  While my original goal in working with Maria was to improve my horseback riding, I’ve been able to significantly improve my posture and eliminate years of back and shoulder pain with the added benefit of better balance in the saddle.  Not only do I feel better and look better, I feel safer and more secure in the saddle.  And I’m sure if my horses could talk, they’d thank her for my improved riding. "

"PS and for the first time in my life, I can do push ups!"


Georgann Crawford -- Rider, Musician & Artist

"Pilates has Saved My Life! I am Convinced!!  One of my Christmas presents last year was a Pilates series with Dr. Maria Glinski. I've been riding horses my whole life, I do my own barn chores and walk in the woods at least four days a week.

I assumed that I was pretty fit for a nearly 67 year old woman and that the few extra pounds I was carrying were age-related. When I started Pilates I realized immediately that there were muscle groups that I was totally NOT using. I understood right away that strengthening the core muscles is the key to using our bodies the way they are intended to function.

Dr. Maria has a keen-eye to be able to spot the muscles being used for every exercise and when the exercise on the Reformer table is or is not performed correctly. She has an intuitive ability to judge when to increase the level of intensity of the exercises as we progress and get stronger. This is the beauty of one-on-one Pilates as opposed to a group class. My husband started Pilates also. He is extremely fit and active. He gets the whole principle of strengthening the core muscles. 

The benefits are remarkable. My body has changed dramatically. My posture has improved, I carry myself differently and everyday chores seem effortless. Even when I'm walking I am aware of my core muscle engagement. I am physically stronger than I have been in years AND my stomach has flattened!  I believe the key to aging well is keeping our bodies active and using our muscles the way they are intended to be used!"



My. Pilates journey started 15 years ago when I bought a 1 hour private Pilates session at a charity auction.  I had no idea what Pilates was, but was interested in trying something new.  I was hooked after my one session experience and it turned into a 15 year 1 hour per week commitment.  A few years before starting Pilates, I had back surgery and was advised to focus on strengthening my core.  I quickly realized that Pilates was a perfect solution for developing not only core strength, but also improved posture,  overall muscle strength and additional flexibility.  Plus it is fun!  Pilates covers all the training basics except cardio which I get through my tennis, pickle ball and running activity.  The benefits I receive from Pilates training helps improve my ability to participate in my cardio activities and helps my golf game.  During my few “vacations” from Pilates, I usually developed an injury or experienced more back-related problems.  Avoiding these problems is a great motivator for me to invest in Pilates training.

I started Pilates while living in Illinois where I had a great instructor.  After living in Aiken for a year, I decided to restart my Pilates practice and was delighted to find Maria’s studio.  It scores high in all categories - quality of instruction, physical environment, equipment, etc.  Maria is very skilled, a stickler for proper form and, fortunately for me, very patient.  Even after 15 years of practice, Pilates is something I need guidance to do properly.  I am amazed how often my body position is incorrect to make the most of Pilates movements/exercises.  I’ve found that when Pilates is done with proper form, it is a powerful tool to improve and/or maintain my body structure and movement.




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